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When you register for CHC, in addition to our live event, you’ll have the opportunity to attend specialty events. To save your spot, register for CHC and be sure to add these events to your agenda when session registration launches in late September.

Specialty events are scheduled for October 6-8.

Behavioral Health Deep Dive
October 6

Join our virtual Behavioral Health Deep Dive to learn about the latest behavioral health solution updates. During this session, Cerner experts will cover current industry trends, as well as plans for the behavioral health solution.

Cerner Pediatric Forum
October 7

The Pediatric Forum, co-sponsored by Cerner and the Pediatric Leadership Council (PLC), is intended to broaden the adoption of Model Pediatric functionality, increase feedback and networking for our pediatric community, and expose them to best practices from our children’s hospitals. This Forum will be sponsored by a PLC member representative, designed to share more about the topic, include real-world use cases about functionality, and provide a contact beyond Cerner associates.

Consumer Forum
October 7

Consumer expectations for a modernized healthcare experience are on the rise and organizations are under pressure to meet these demands. Innovation and technology can help organizations leverage data to deliver a comprehensive experience that is personal, trustworthy and convenient – all while supporting sustainable, long-term outcomes. In this forum, discover the latest trends in consumer engagement and the digital tools necessary to meet consumer expectations.

Cybersecurity Deep Dive
October 7

This past year spotlighted the need for continuous security monitoring and protection of healthcare organizations. You have entrusted Cerner to keep your electronic health record secure. We strongly believe in creating a solid program anchored around your entire enterprise, extending beyond your EHR.

During this event, understand how Cerner is assisting healthcare organizations, around-the-clock monitoring utilizing a MSSP to support your entire enterprise and best practices to proactively prepare your posture to grow with the everchanging healthcare landscape.

Long-term Care Deep Dive
October 6

Join our experts for a look at the strategic plan and road map for Cerner long-term care products. This event is targeted toward current clients as well as anyone with an interest in Cerner long-term care products.

Regulatory Alignment Forum
October 8

Regulatory Alignment Forum will provide a venue to review regulatory updates and quality initiatives. The combined regulatory and quality thought leadership, education and collaboration will provide compelling guidance and facilitate an actionable understanding of real world needs and solutions to meet requirements.

Rehabilitation Deep Dive
October 6

Join our experts for a look at the strategic plan and road map for Cerner rehabilitation products. This event is targeted toward current clients as well as anyone with an interest in Cerner rehabilitation products.

Revenue Management Forum
October 6-7

Revenue Management Forum (RMF) is a financially focused event held in conjunction with the Cerner Health Conference 2021 (CHC21). RMF is a virtual event to connect revenue cycle peers, with education and technology to help navigate industry changes, manage business processes and build a healthier bottom line. The virtual RMF experience will provide the key revenue cycle updates and insights you expect each year.

SeRUG meeting
October 6-7

If you are a Cerner client in the Southeast Region, you are invited to join the SeRUG meeting October 6th, 9:30-10:30 am EDT to collaborate and hear from peers. The SeRUG is a not for profit incorporated regional based user group that shares information related to Cerner products with member clients across seven southeastern states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina & Tennessee.

All clients in the Southeast Region are welcome and encouraged to join and learn more about the benefits of participation in the SeRUG. Please click here to register for the event.

For more information, please email Amy Knight, BayCare Health System at